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You will find a large number of small and large towns around the Millstättersee. The largest villages are largely dependent on tourism for their income. These villages include Millstatt, Seeboden and Döbriach. Matzelsdorf is a smaller village, which is certainly worth a visit.

Millstatt for culture and relaxation

Millstatt is one of the places around the Millstättersee with the most historical and cultural value. In the middle of Millstatt you will find a Benedictine abbey which was founded in the 11th century. This monastery church has many art treasures from different periods. During the Millstätter Musikwochen many concerts are given in this church, often accompanied by a lot of organ playing. The monastery at the church now houses a museum, where you can see many religious works of art. However, most tourists visit Millstatt due to its status as a seaside resort. Millstatt is located on the sunny northern shore of the Millstättersee. Bathing and water sports are very pleasant here. Millstatt is also well known as a health resort. Enough reason to visit Millstatt! The small village of Matzeldorf is also part of the municipality of Millstatt.

o3   kasteel

Seeboden, back in the Middle Ages

Seeboden is located west of the Millstätter See. The town is easily accessible via the highway. The village is home to many museums, including a fishing museum and an open-air museum. A must in Seeboden is the castle ruin Sommeregg. This ruin is located a few kilometers north of the town of Seeboden on a raised surface. 

The castle also includes a torture museum. With its 400 square meters, this museum is the largest of its kind. Here you will find truthful documents and torture objects from the Middle Ages. A special tip if you want to visit the castle ruin Sommeregg are the medieval tournaments. These medieval tournaments are accompanied by a large market and are held every August. With this spectacle you are completely back in the Middle Ages!

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Döbriach, the gateway to the 'Nockberge' park

Döbriach is located on the Milstätter See. The village center of the town houses many cozy guesthouses and restaurants. The village has many tourist facilities. Here you can bathe in the lake or relax at one of the five public beach pools on the lake. There is also a swimming pool on the lake. Due to its location, Döbriach is also seen as the gateway to the "Nockberge" National Park


Nockberge National Park

The Nockberge National Park is a low mountain range with round mountain peaks. This mountain range is a very valuable cultural landscape because of the centuries of traditional agriculture. The Nockberge is an ideal hiking area with its meadows, specific mountain vegetation, the deep blue card lakes and round mountain peaks. When the alpine rose is in bloom, the pastures look like a red sea of ​​flowers. The park has something to offer for everyone. Whether you want to climb peaks, take hikes or learn something on one of the many forest learning trails, it is all possible.