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zomer 4Millstättersee, plenty of holiday fun

The area around the lake of the same name, the Millstättersee, is one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Austrian Carinthia. Silver-gray streams that branch endlessly between the lush greenery are characteristic of the area. It is wonderful to stay in this fascinating mountain world, the untouched nature and between the meadows.



zomer 6Plenty of water fun

The Millstättersee is the deepest lake in Carinthia, and has a wonderful water temperature of up to 26ºC. This water temperature makes it wonderful to laze and swim in the crystal clear water in summer. The beaches on the beautiful shores offer plenty of opportunity to sunbathe and for the active there are a wide range of water sports such as sailing and surfing. At the lake you will find the most old diving platform in Carinthia in Seeboden. This platform offers you the opportunity to jump from a height of 10 meters into the beautiful water of Lake Millstättersee.


o3   kasteelWalking and cycling

On the shores of Lake Millstättersee, a Mediterranean atmosphere prevails in summer, making the region a paradise for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. The family walk "Mühlenwanderweg Kaning" is a must for families. This walk takes you past six 18th-century mills, several Kneipp springs, wooden water troughs, original grilling areas and camp fires, children's playgrounds, a waterfall with a mini watermill, a woodcutters camp, a flower and herb garden and a "discovery trail". All this guarantees plenty of walking, playing and discovery fun. If you want to discover the area by bike, you should try the Drauradweg. This cycle tour is 250 kilometers long and therefore not only goes through the area of ​​the Millstättersee, but also through other areas in the area. The tour starts in Sillian and ends after many kilometers in Lavamünd. Fortunately, you don't have to cycle the full 250 kilometers as you can stop or start at any point on the route. Parallel to the route you will find a large number of train stations, where you can board the train with your bicycle to continue the route comfortably by train.

zomer 1Nockberge National Park

The Nockberge National Park is a low mountain range with round mountain peaks. This mountain range is a very valuable cultural landscape due to centuries of traditional agriculture. The Nockberge is an ideal hiking area with its meadows, specific mountain vegetation, the deep blue lake lakes and round mountain peaks. When the alpine rose is in bloom, the pastures look like a red sea of ​​flowers.

The park has something to offer for everyone. Whether you want to climb peaks, take hikes or learn something on one of the many forest learning trails, it is all possible. It is also possible to go hiking with Haflinger horses, where you can experience the beautiful fauna and flora of this park up close in a fantastic way. 

The Kärntencard

The Kärnten Card is the classic among guest cards: there is hardly any card that offers more services and a price advantage. For a one-time fee, many more than 100 sights, museums, panoramic routes and boat tour lines are included. This makes the Kärnten Card an indispensable and much-loved relief for the holiday budget. For more information and current prices, visit the Kärnten Card website